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For years, my ideas have been randomly written in my notes app, or on random pieces of paper, or in random documents I never manager to open afterwards, and it's time these find themselves a spot in a corner of the internet that is kind, nice and, well coincidentally very purple. A fashion aficionada at heart, I love everything there is to love about fashion and more, all creative endeavours and things really make my eyes sparkle, and I want to share some of my learnings, musings, thoughts and things with the internet.

My dream is to create a space where people can share their own creative ideas and thoughts, and where we can have interesting discussions about all that goes on in the creative industries, including the ins and outs of places that consistently have had their doors closed to us mere mortals.

I hope this will be a fun place to be, where if we can be anything, we're going to be kind.

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